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WM Thermoforming Machine’s all-electric, small footprint, and high-speed thermoformers complement the Sencorp line.

  • Allows for the highest plant productivity due to high output per square foot
  • Enhanced access to critical components for quick and easy maintenance
  • Compact design can be used in limited spaces
  • Intuitive HMI for ease of operability
  • Smooth operation due to efficient toggle design

WM Thermoformer FC Speedmaster Plus

The FC SPEEDMASTER plus is an automatic vacuum pressure forming machine with servo plugs and steel rule cutting technology. High level of automation ensures easy operation through a new and improved control system developed thanks to the continuous feedback of our customers.

WM Thermoformer FT Series

The FT thermoforming series is a pressure forming punch and die machine with a lower tilting platen. It is designed to fulfill the customer’s demand for medium and high production of disposable cups, dairy containers, and tubs that require close cutting tolerance, high product quality, and fully automated processes.

WM Thermoformer INTEC

The most efficient inline extrusion and thermoforming system to manufacture plastic cups and containers. The INTEC is designed for very high output running 24 hours 7 days a week.

WM Thermoformer Twist

The TWIST 700 is a pressure forming punch and die machine with lower tilting platen without mechanical cams. One step ahead technology that makes TWIST 700 the most interesting solution for medium-high production of tubs, dairy containers, pots, disposable cups, and lids that require close cutting tolerance, high product quality within a fully automated process.

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